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Same Day Emergency Tree Removal Service

When disaster strikes is there for all of your emergency tree removal needs 24 hours a day. Has a storm hit your town and multiple roads are blocked by downed trees? Or has an old tree been knocked down by the wind blocking your driveway? Give the professionals at Tree Removal USA a call for any type of emergency tree removal. Our experts are on call and ready cut and haul away trees within hours of disaster striking.

Emergency Tree Removal FAQ

We get many questions from frantic callers looking for emergency tree removal but below we have listed a few for your information. Note: DO NOT attempt to remove a tree on your own unless you have proper training and equipment.

How long will it take to get my tree removed?

Service is typically available within 3 hours, although in the aftermath of a storm technicians can be inundated with hundreds of calls so service can take up to 24 hours or more. To make sure the emergency tree removal crew is prepared when they arrive, it is best to take a picture of the tree with your cell phone and send it in with your request. This will allow the crew to prepare and ensure they have enough manpower or large enough equipment to handle the job.

Will the tree removal cost more during an emergency?

In most cases, no the tree removal cost will not go up due to an emergency. There are two reasons it could cost you more, one being for removal in the middle of the night or Sundays. Another time when the cost may go us is after a large storm when all crews are tied up with jobs, and crews from outside the area are called in. Naturally the travel time, fuel expense, etc. can lead to higher cost temporarily.

Do I need to be there when the crew arrives?

We recommend that you have someone on site for when the tree removal crew arrives, especially during an emergency when multiple trees may be down in the area. Some crews will require an on site contact, others will simply require that you answer their call to answer questions they may have when they reach the site.

We know that when disaster strikes you just want to return everything back to normal, and that is what we try to help you do with near immediate emergency tree removal from only the best. Pick up the phone to get started, or enter your info into our form for pricing.