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Commercial & Residential Tree Stump Removal Service

Hundreds of customers each month rely on for their tree stump removal needs across the country. In fact, removing tree stumps is our second most utilized service and the most misunderstood. Many people think that when a tree is removed from their property it might not be necessary to have the tree stump removed at the same time. However, we highly recommend removal of the stump right away as it can take time for the resulting mulch to settle in and for your landscape to return to normal or allow new trees to be planted. Many customers also think that they will be able to rent some equipment and remove a tree stump on their own after we have removed the tree. These customers typically underestimate the difficulty, strength required, and skill involved in a tree stump removal of over 6 inches in diameter. A tree stump removal will cost less (in most cases) when the crew is already on your property with the necessary equipment.

Why You Need Tree Stump Removal

We highly recommend hiring an expert for your tree stump removal project sooner rather than later to avoid any of these issues. Get started now by entering your info into our form to receive pricing or pick up the phone and see how Tree Removal USA can help.